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Fine Encapsulated Sand

Fine Encapsulated Sand-stone is the most powerful, water-proof, fine glow sand in the world. It can be used for very detailed work, such as logos and borders, by seeding OR mixing right into a face coat batch, in GFRC, or precast application. It can also be hard-troweled into setting concrete to create a galaxy/Milky Way effect.


Initial Brilliance - Extreme

After Glow - 15+ hours

Sizing - 100-150 Mesh

Day Color - Almost clear/pale yellow

Specially encapsulated for use with water-based mixes such as GFRC, micro-toppings, concrete, topical cement, stucco, and more.

Aqua Blue

Sky Blue

Emerald Yellow

Small Sand

Small Sand-stone is excellent for detailed work or can be mixed into a concrete face coat batch and either poured or sprayed to create completely even coverage. It can also be seeded on top of setting concrete or epoxy surfaces. Also great for outlining boarders or logos.


Initial Brilliance - Extreme

After Glow - 12+ hours

Sizing - 20-40 Mesh

Day Color - pale yellow

Used in Concrete face coats, GFRC, Micro-toppings, epoxy, topical cement, stucco, and more.

AGT™ Glow Sand

AGT™ Glow Stones and Glow Sand can be used as unique design elements and a functioning self-powered renewable light source for any type of application that utilizes cement, concrete, terrazzo, epoxy, or stucco. AGT™ Glow Stones and Glow Sand are very versatile and can be easily applied indoor or outdoor with little to no performance variation.

AGT™ Glow Sand is available in three different colors and two sizes and is sold by the pound. For more information about viewing the product and pricing, please Contact Us.