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Off-Planet Landscape Architect – Max Schneider’s Avatar Petrified Forest features over 90lbs of Sky Blue AGT™ ¾” Stone and 18 tons of petrified wood.​

Decorative Concrete Contractor Ray Brooks brings this surface to life with exposed AGT™ ½” Stone

Decorative West Coast Godfather of Mud skillfully applied AGT™ ½” Sky Blue Stone on this Pool Deck so it actually mimics the overhead sky at night.

Glow in the Dark Logos and Symbols - Energized by AGT™ Sky Blue Eighth Inch Pellet Glow Stone

There are a number of different ways to achieve this design. From topical approaches such as stencils, engravers to Pre-cast Form Adhesives. Whatever way you choose, the end result is truly 'enlightening'! Another design by Andy Miller of QC Concrete.

Bathroom Vanity with Integrated Sink and ¼” Aqua Blue AGT™ Stone

Hand-Seeded Concrete Floor - Energized by AGT™ Yellow Green Half Inch and Quarter Inch StoneDan MacLeod of Danamac Concrete Systems truly brings polished concrete flooring to a whole other level! He hand-broadcasted half inch and quarter inch AGT™ Glow Stone all over the surface and then exposed it just as you would expose any other type of aggregate.

Engraved Compass Inlay - Energized by AGT™ Sky Blue Fine Sand
This very artistic piece was executed by Andy Miller of QC Concrete. The circular compass aspect of the design was engraved and then filled with AGT™ Sky Blue Fine Sand. Note: The night shot was taken during a Full Moon and really does not show the true brightness of AGT™

'Cosmos' - Energized by AGT™ Yellow/Green Fine Sand

This surreal work was created by Tom Ralston of Ralston Concrete. The Milky Way dimensional 'effect' was accomplished using a proprietary method of applying and working in AGT™ Yellow/Green Fine Sand.

AGT™ SoCal Project Gallery

Brooks Construction – Entertainment Area featuring AGT™ ½” Stone

Trump Tower floor mock-up using White Portland concrete & AGT™ Safety Yellow Fine Sand

Will Butkovitch flexes his decorative muscle with this beautiful integrated concrete sink featuring AGT™ Aqua Blue ½” Stone.

Step Tread - Energized with AGT™ Ultra-Epoxy™

A saw cut is made in existing concrete and then refilled with our NEW AGT™ Ultra Epoxy™ Safety Glow System. This soon to be released AGT™ product can be used in a myriad of ways. From retro-fitting pre-existing concrete surfaces such as stairs and walkways to more artistic uses such as logo design.

Tip Top Lofts - Bathroom Vanity - Energized by AGT™ Yellow Green Small Sand

This grey precast custom concrete vanity was crafted by Peter Tomé of Universal One Design and Fabrication. The inside of the Form was hand-seeded with AGT™ Yellow Green Small Sand held affixed by 3M Spray adhesive. This surface actually glows ALL NIGHT after just 15 minutes exposure to artificial light.