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AGT™ Safety-Coat Glow Paint Epoxy

AGT™ SAFETY-COAT Commercial-Grade Glow Paint Epoxy Coating System is a two component 100% solids epoxy coating with UV resistance additives and AGT™-HP phosphorescent pigment. AGT-SC2E was designed to meet the luminance code requirements for luminous egress path marking systems when mixed and applied as directed on a clean, dry horizontal surface with an appropriate primer coating. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Exit stairs, stair nosing, landings and corridors. Also recommended for floors and walkways in commercial and industrial facilities. Designed to meet code requirements when one (1) coat is applied with a brush or roller to a thickness of 10 mils (dry coating thickness). At this coating thickness, each AGT-SC2E kit covers approximately 100 square feet – 1 inch wide x 1,200 feet, 2 inches wide x 600 feet, 4 inches wide x 300 feet, 6 inches wide x 200 feet, etc. LUMINOSITY PERFORMANCE: AGT™ SAFETY-COAT GLOW PAINT EPOXY is designed to be applied over an appropriate primer coating which has been applied over a properly prepared and cured aluminum, steel or concrete surface.
The coating is translucent – the primer coating will show through the desired 10 mil AGT-SC2E coating. For best luminance performance (visibility in complete darkness), use a gloss white primer. If greater visibility is required in normal lighting, use a gloss yellow primer. AGT™ SAFETY-COAT PAINT EPOXY will provide a luminance of 250 - 350 mcd/m2 after 10 minutes of discharge when measured according to DIN 67510.

This luminance level will meet or exceed all existing luminance requirements in all standards and codes in the United States – IBC, IFC, NFPA 101 (when tested according to ASTM E2072 or E2073) and New York City Local Law 26 (2004) and RS 6-1. It is a transparent epoxy coating. In order to meet most luminance requirements, a high gloss white primer coat is required. AGT SC2E Epoxy Paint Coating System is designed to use in a minimum illumination of 1 foot-candle of fluorescent lighting, when measured at floor level.

This coating is designed to exceed the luminance requirements for luminance egress path marking systems as required by building and fire codes based on the IBC-2009, IFC-2009 and NFPA 101 (2009). Luminance of AGT-SC2E Epoxy Coating System will exceed 5 mcd/m2 after 90 minutes in the dark (and exceed 30 mcd/m2 after 10 minutes in the dark) when tested according to ASTM E2072 and E2073. Local jurisdictions may have other requirements for these markings, beyond those described in the International Building Code, International Fire Code, or NFPA Life Safety Code.

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