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I'm telling you, I love this stuff! The more ideas I come up with, the more I think of. I found these cool vial charms that I will be putting on necklaces but I couldn't wait to show everyone! Using a pointed cap as a funnel (since I didn't have a funnel small enough), I tapped the fine mesh AGT™ Glow Sand in different colors into each vial. I think they are pretty awesome.


These are vases using craft sands and AGT™ Glow Sand in Fine Mesh and Course in layers in a small sealed vase. TIP: I found that the sand, craft and AGT™, does A LOT of settling. As I put each layer of the sand in the jar using a funnel, I tapped the jar on the table many times to help tamp the sand down and pack it. When I got to the top layer, tamping more helped get another layer in. I set these in direct sunlight for about five minutes before taking the pictures. I know the glow will fade a bit as it is at its brightest just after being exposed. But I must say in the last picture I am pretty amazed at how much light it gives off in the surrounding area!

Concrete Stepping Stone

Back in the Test Kitchen!  We created this concrete stepping stone with a round mold and a plastic design pushed in to create a sun looking affect. Then we three a small amount of AGT™ Fine Mesh Sand in Sky Blue around the outside edge of the design. After the stepping stone dried we coated it with two layers of lacquer to keep the sand from coming off. Since the fine mesh was so fine, we decided not to push it into the wet concrete so that it wouldn't disappear. 

Tile Grout

In this test we used a white thin-set to place the sample tiles on a board. After drying we added a grout that consisted of a mixture of white unsanded grout and the AGT™ Glow Sand to make three different sample colors. We love the results.


We love to experiment with our AGT™ Glow products. Check out what we've been cooking up in the test kitchen!