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American Specialty Glass

Have you seen them? Those beautiful stones in the middle of a gas fire pit? These gorgeous glass rocks can be used in fire pits, fire bowls, fire places, vases, fish tanks, planters, and more. 

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Glass and Glow in The Dark Products

Welcome to our products page. At L & B Landscape Co. we use only the best, highest quality glass and glow in the dark products from trusted vendors. In our search for the new and innovative in the landscaping industry, we occasionally come across products that we can't NOT offer to our clients and we want to let the world know about them. Some glow products in San Diego will be firsts in the area. Take a look around, check out the projects that have been done, and let your imagination go!

AGT™ Glow Products

These glowing stones, sand, safety coatings, numbers, and more come from a brilliant and innovative company that is lighting up the dark. These are the absolute best glow products on the market with up to 12 hours of glow time after just 10 minutes in direct sunlight. There are some amazing creations using these products. How will you use them in your landscape project?

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